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Suguta Valley, Kenia, Helicopter Safari, Michael Poliza


Experience spectacular landscapes, intensive encounters with nature, rare animals in their natural environment and exciting encounters with local cultures.



Michael Poliza mit Erdmännchen in Botswana

Michael Poliza, Experience Designer, Wildlife Photographer and Business Owner MICHAEL POLIZA PRIVATE TRAVEL

Michael Poliza Private Travel

We are a small team headed by Michael Poliza, who you may know through his elaborate nature and adventure trips, through his photography, his illustrated books and the publication of his photos in all well-known, national and international magazines and newspapers.


Through his travels, Michael had the opportunity to get to know this planet and its beauty. He was able to explore more than 185 countries on all seven continents and get to know the most beautiful spots on earth.


We would now like to pass this experience on to our customers, who usually come to us on recommendation.

On the safaris that we organize for you, it is therefore primarily the experience that counts.

Michael Poliza South Africa
Michael Poliza ANTARCTIC Buch
Michael Poliza THE WORLD
Michael Poliza Africa
Michael Poliza Eyes over Africa
Michael Poliza Island

You can also find a selection of the Michael Poliza photo books at amazon >

Michael Poliza Private Travel

We have prepared a small presentation of our travel destinations for you !

Where man discovers new worlds, he also rediscovers himself.



Our destinations around the globe are the most beautiful the world has to offer and are worth exploring. We currently cover North America and Iceland, but also the Arctic and Antarctic off, besides many countries in Africa as well as Australia and New Zealand.

On the world map you can see in which countries our expertise is particularly large. 

Discover Africa

Spectacular landscapes, intensive encounters in nature, rare animals in their natural environment, exciting impressions of foreign cultures. All this far away from civilization and mainstream tourism.

Our main destinations in East Africa are Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Uganda and Ethiopia. In southern Africa:  Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa.

Oryx Antilopen in Namibia
Small Planes in Alaska, Ultima Thule

Adventure North America

Experience adventure and nature of the northern hemisphere. We are big fans of Canada's west coast, which has so much to offer, and not just for nature lovers.

In Alaska off the beaten track, you can experience true pioneering spirit in one of the last vast wilderness regions in the world.

Off to Iceland

ICELAND - land of many waterfalls, northern lights, geysers and volcanoes. It can be reached in just a three-hour flight from Europe, offers unique natural phenomena and impressive landscapes, many of which are still untouched by humans.


No matter the season, the wild and rugged country has a lot to offer and is even ideal for an extended weekend trip.

Iceland Waterfall, Kirkjufellsfoss, Wasserfall in Island
Neuseeland Helicopter Safari - New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand

Travel to the country of longing on the other side of the world - Australia.

Discover the endless expanse and breathtaking views of this continent.

In New Zealand you will experience an enormous variety of landscapes - all facets of nature - compressed into a small space.

Polar regions

The Antarctic at the South Pole is as big as Australia and Europe together, it is drier than Arabia, higher than Switzerland and sunnier than California on nice days and yet colder than in the freezer.

The Arctic at the North Pole, on the other hand, there is an ice-covered sea – the wild treasure trove of the north, the long polar nights and the realm of the polar bears.

Iceberg Arktis - Antarktis

Our travel destinations on the map

On the world map you can see in which countries our expertise is particularly great. We will show you the most beautiful and impressive places in the world. Come with us on unforgettable journeys. Talk to us!




For us, crafting your uniquely perfect experience is paramount. 

We are delighted to engage in a thorough consultation with you, delving deep into your needs and expectations. This allows us to tailor your dream safari/journey. Meticulously crafted. Just for you! 

Please give us a call or write to us - we are here for you!


or sign a message directly to Hannah Balster via Whatsapp or iMessage +49 163 455 7067

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