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Adventure North America

Experience pure adventure in the Northern Hemisphere in Canada.

or genuine pioneering spirit in the vast wilderness regions of Alaska.




Nordic wilderness

We're deeply drawn to the wild beauty of the Canadian west coast and the mysterious Arctic. British Columbia, complemented by the natural charm of Vancouver Island, is a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Here, amidst the lush landscapes, you can witness the elegant presence of black and grizzly bears, the synchronized dance of orcas, the gentle surfacing of humpback and gray whales, and the lively schools of dolphins, all thriving in their untouched habitats.


The skies too offer a testament of nature's tenacity: bald eagles, once on the edge of extinction, now soar freely, gracing much of the coastline with their dignified silhouettes. Journeying further north, the Arctic introduces you to its iconic inhabitants: the watchful polar bears, robust walruses, and sturdy muskoxen.

While Vancouver Island and large expanses of the mainland invite some exploration by car, to truly feel the heartbeat of this wild land, one might consider the seaplane journey, a helicopter ride, or a voyage by ship, each offering a unique perspective on a region where nature still holds sway.

For the ultimate wilderness experience, we have found some beautiful and very comfortable accommodation.

Michael Poliza Luxury Safaris, Experiential Travel

Kenya – Photos by Michael Poliza

Image Gallery Canada | Photos by Michael Poliza




Welcome to the last Frontier

Alaska has countless surprises in store for you. On an adventure off the beaten track and away from it all, you can experience true pioneering spirit in one of the world's last vast wilderness regions. The most northerly state in the USA appeals with its pristine nature and unforgettable animal-watching opportunities.


Varied landscapes such as an endless tundra, beautiful fjords and the largest glaciers on earth will inspire you. A special experience is to visit the Wrangell-St. Exploring Elias National Park. In small planes that can land almost anywhere: on glaciers, in river beds or the smallest meadow. Huge rubber tires make that possible. That spells great freedom!


And with a bit of luck, the Northern Lights (Aurora Boreales) will shimmer on a dark & clear night - sometimes green, sometimes red, sometimes violet - and rounds off your adventure trip to Alaska.

Discover more about Alaska in Michael Poliza's photo log.

Alaska Reise Logbuch Michael Poliza

Image Gallery Alaska | Photos by Michael Poliza




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