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Discover Africa

Away from the well-known tourist paths, authentic safari experiences with unforgettable encounters await you.

Our main destinations in East Africa are Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Uganda and Ethiopia. In southern Africa:  Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa.




The unknown paradise

Kenya is one of the most diverse countries in Africa and offers an impressive variety of animal species and breathtaking landscapes. This country has long been a destination for travelers to Africa, but we will show you the beauty of Kenya from a whole new angle.


Away from the well-known tourist routes, authentic safari experiences with unforgettable experiences await you. The uniqueness of Kenya can be seen in the landscapes, the wildlife and the encounters with the inhabitants.

On our trips to this fascinating country, we combine exciting discovery tours and relaxation - on one of the beaches or in the extremely comfortable lodges - and make your time there a very special experience.

Discover more about the Kenya experiences and spectacular shots in Michael Poliza's photo log.

Michael Poliza Kenia Safaris Logbuch

Kenya – Photos by Michael Poliza

Image Gallery Kenya | Photos by Michael Poliza




Incomprehensible Space. 

Landscapes that are so mesmerizing that they imprint themselves for eternity. Views as far as the eye can see and encounters with indigenous people in the north of the country that remain unforgettable.


All this is Namibia, the land of the red silence. It owes its name to the Kalahari, one of the largest sandy deserts in the world with its fine red sand. The Sossusvlei area and the Skeleton Coast are particularly impressive in Namibia.


Namibia is already well developed for tourism, but here too we show the country from its unspoilt side by taking you on paths away from the well-known places. With a small plane or off-road vehicle, you can also explore remote places and special views in complete seclusion.


With its vastness, Namibia will give you a really deep, inner feeling of freedom that will linger for a long time.

What does your dream safari look like? Call us or write to us. We look forward to your wishes.

Michael Poliza African Safaris, Luxury Safaris, Experiential Travel, Helicopter Safaris

Picture Gallery Namibia | Photos by Michael Poliza