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Wide, varied country and always relaxed

Australia is a country of longing on the other side of the world. That huge country, which is also a whole continent and whose transfer from the west to the east coast by jet takes five hours - a flight that makes you aware of the vastness of this country. So if you don't have more than two or three weeks time, you should concentrate on one area or you can hardly avoid private charter flights or helicopters.

In the northwest, the Kimberly Region and the sandstone mountain range of Bungle Bungle in Purnululu National Park are the highlights of wild Australia.

But the Great Barrier Reef and the Kakadu National Park in the north and Tasmania on the southern tip are also fascinating destinations. 

Of course, Uluru, the sacred mountain of the Aborigines in the central Australian desert, should not be missing. Another special place is Lord Howe Island, which is completely isolated between Australia and New Zealand.

Image Gallery Australia | Photos by Michael Poliza

New Zealand

New Zealand

Endless expanses, hot springs, mystical fjords...


It's at the other end of the world, but the long flight is worth it: in New Zealand, you'll experience a tremendous variety of landscapes, even though this country is significantly smaller than Germany.

New Zealand's nature has many facets that can also be found in Europe, only these are compressed here in a small space. From the beaches in the north to the Scottish hills and volcanoes of the North Island to the glaciers and fjords of the South Island, the eye is spoiled by grandiose landscape views everywhere.

Traveling New Zealand by car or 4x4 is excellent, especially if you combine this option with a helicopter. Because the islands are only sparsely populated, there is still a lot of untouched wilderness that can be admired particularly well from a bird's eye view.

We have found some luxurious lodges but also small guesthouses with good quality for you, where you will also be spoiled with culinary delights and excellent wines.

Image Gallery New Zealand | Photos by Michael Poliza




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