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Land of the northern lights, geysers and volcanoes

Something special is sometimes so close: Iceland, which can be reached in just a three-hour flight from Europe, offers natural phenomena and impressive landscapes that are unique in Europe and are still largely untouched by humans today.


Volcanoes, rows of craters, torrential waterfalls and huge glaciers characterize the largest volcanic island on earth. Traveling in the uninhabited interior on extended stone and scree deserts, bizarre lava fields and through wide rivers is an Eldorado for adventurers.


No matter what time of year, the wild and rugged country has a lot to offer and is even ideal for a long weekend trip.

A journey into Iceland's breathtaking nature in the travel log with photos by Michael Poliza.

Logbuch Island Reise  Michael Poliza

Image Gallery Iceland | Photos by Michael Poliza




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