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Michael Poliza Luxury Safaris Arktis und Antarktis

polar regions

Arctic & Antarctic

Fascination of the eternal ice

Antarctica at the South Pole is as big as Australia and Europe combined, drier than Arabia and higher than Switzerland.


On nice days, the penguins' homeland is sunnier than in California and yet colder than the freezer compartment of a refrigerator. The Arctic at the North Pole, on the other hand, is an ice-covered sea. It is the wild treasury of the north, the region of the midnight sun, the long polar nights and the realm of the polar bears.


These two magical places offer guests natural spectacles, experiences and views that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

We always organize expeditions with smaller ships in order to create an informal atmosphere. Far away from the captain's dinner and dress code, you can also travel with just your family - we will find the perfect travel plan for your journey into the eternal ice.

Experiential Travel Arktis und Antarktis

Arctic and Antarctic Image Gallery | Photos by Michael Poliza




For us, crafting your uniquely perfect experience is paramount. 

We are delighted to engage in a thorough consultation with you, delving deep into your needs and expectations. This allows us to tailor your dream safari/journey. Meticulously crafted. Just for you! 

Please give us a call or write to us - we are here for you!


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